Frequently Asked Questions

What modalities do you use in sessions?

In addition to being an Intuitive and Starseed, I have trained in a variety of energy healing modalities including Usui Holy Fire II Reiki, Sacred Soul Alignment™, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching, receiving guidance directly in the Akashic Records, and crystal healing.  I incorporate the modalities that I feel guided to use to address each client’s specific needs and goals.

What is Sacred Soul Alignment™?

Sacred Soul Alignment™ is a gentle yet extraordinarily powerful new healing modality that transcends the boundaries of time and space. It amplifies your manifestation and co-creation abilities at the highest level so you can experience lasting transformations and attain divine inner alignment. Sacred Soul Alignment™ works to dissolve negative beliefs, trapped emotions, and soul-level oaths, vows and contracts that do not serve you in this lifetime as well as every other lifetime and timeline. It brings deep healing to all layers of your existence – spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. It also works on the DNA level, which means your family will receive the benefits of your healing experience, 7 generations backward and forward in time.

What can Sacred Soul Alignment™ help me to do?

Dissolve limiting beliefs and replace them with positive, empowering beliefs that allow you to rise up to your highest potential and experience soul expansion Resolve outdated and unnecessary soul-level oaths vows, contracts and agreements that are blocking you from co-creating your dreams and desires Forever clear entities and negative energies that are attached to you in this lifetime and from other lifetimes Retain spiritual knowledge from soul lessons, through lifetimes for rapid spiritual evolution and ascension Dissolve negative emotions that are currently embedded in your DNA, cells, cellular memory, chakras and nervous system so you are free to experience true joy, abundance, love and so much more.

What are Sacred Soul Alignments™?

Sacred Soul Alignment™ is a powerful modality that consists of a growing list of hundreds of healings known as Alignments. These Alignments encompass all aspects of who we are – the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual layers of our existence – and they comprise a vast array of experiences on every level of our soul journey. Each Alignment holds powerful, magical traits, qualities and cellular natures that already exist within each of us. The healing experience activates and awakens these traits so we are able to embody them fully.

Sacred Soul Alignment™ raises our overall vibrational frequencies as it heals our cells and cellular memory, chakras, and nervous system and matches our entire energy field with the extremely high vibrational energies of a specific Alignment. It clears, dissolves, and releases negative beliefs, patterns, emotions and trauma across all lifetimes, timelines and dimensions. It is possible for a single Alignment to clear thousands of negative beliefs, patterns, emotions and trauma that block our ability to co-create our dreams and desires.

The Sacred Soul Alignment™ healing process and activation also works on our DNA, which means our families get to receive healing too – 7 generations forward and backward in time. This means that our personal experience with this incredible modality, literally facilitates healing for our parents, siblings, grandparents, children and future children, grandchildren and more.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is spiritually guided universal life force energy.  Every living thing is sustained by life force energy.  This energy is referred to by many names in various traditions, such as Chi or Qi.  Reiki is a special form of life force energy that is spiritually guided by the wisdom, love, and compassion of the universe.  This healing flow of energy is channeled by the Reiki practitioner to the recipient to facilitate healing at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level by raising the vibratory level in and around the body.

Can Reiki hurt me?

No, Reiki can never cause harm and is never contraindicated.  It is guided by spiritual consciousness and is always helpful and safe- directing itself to the healing that is needed by the recipient.

What is an Akashic Record Reading?

Your Akashic Records are an energetic autobiography and contain a record of every thought, deed, action, and feeling your soul has ever experienced in every lifetime since it’s inception.  Using crystalline energy, I will move into the consciousness of your Akashic Records to receive loving guidance from your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones.  Your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones offer unconditional love, emotional support, and Divine guidance that will serve your soul’s Highest Good.  The judgement-free support that you will receive has the potential to be a massive catalyst for your ongoing growth if you enter the session with an open heart and mind.

How can I prepare for my session?

Please drink plenty of water and refrain from using alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to your session- being fully hydrated allows the healing energy to move more efficiently through your body.  Select a quiet and private location where you can feel comfortable throughout the session.  Virtual sessions are typically offered via Zoom but can be done by phone at your request.

What if I don’t see a session time available that works for me?

If you do not see a time that works for you in my automated scheduling tool, please email your preferred days and times for a session to and I will be sure to let you know about additional availability as soon as it becomes available.

Can Reiki/Energy Healing treat my medical condition?

As a Reiki and Energy Healing practitioner, I do not diagnose conditions, prescribe or perform any type of medical treatment, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed health care professional in any way.  Energy Healing is a helpful complement to traditional medical and psychological care and should never be used as a replacement for such care.